Saturday, August 07, 2004

Johnson Family Reunion

Today I went to my first family reunion. Those who know me are probably thinking, what? She's not a Johnson! That's very true. In fact I am only 1/16 Johnson, which made me part of the fringe at the reunion, but it was still fun. Before you write your own jokes about an Arkansas family reunion, let me just tell you a funny conversation that happened.
As my sister and I were in line to eat, I was like, "Now Molly, you can't flirt with any of the guys here; they're your kin!" (I say words like "kin" when I'm around those parts) Just as I said that, a drop dead gorgeous guy entered the room. Molly and I both looked at each other and I was like, "Well... ya' know this is an Arkansas family reunion, after all." :) No worries, people. We did not flirt with our 6th or whatever cousin, the hottie. We figured that might get us uninvited to any more future family reunions. My personal policy is that you probably shouldn't marry anyone who you can connect yourself to on a family tree.
People of Arkansas, please be not offended. I am one of you, too, and I mean this all only in good fun. :) Posted by Hello

My sister, grandparents and me

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