Friday, August 13, 2004

There is no emoticon to describe how I feel...

I've heard it said that emotions rarely come only one at a time, and now more than ever I'm feeling the truth of that.

I feel:
excited at the prospect of meeting new people and entering a new world of experiences
sad at the thought of putting so much physical distance between those I love and me
grateful to be given this opportunity and such a wonderful job that will give me a lot of material things that many people in the world don't have
nervous about jumping into a world I know nothing about in a language I don't speak
blessed that God would trust me with an opportunity so large
unsure about the future or the direction my life will take now
overwhelmed by the bigness of this all
confidant that the Lord has brought me this far and will continue to provide

So if my blogs are erratic, my emails seem scattered, or I just appear to be dazed and confused when you see me, this may be why. Please keep me in your prayers.

1 comment:

friend said...

God give her everything she needs - vision, strength, courage, joy, dependency on you and excitement for your plan.