Monday, August 30, 2004

Little taste of home

Today was adventuresome, but then again I think everyday will be some kind of adventure for a while. I woke up at a normal time this morning-- thankfully!-- and piddled around my apartment because I didn't know what to do or where to go. That stressed me out, because I thought I was supposed to go down to my office today to meet people but I had no idea where it was. I knew I could ask Jared, but I hated bothering him. Finally about 10:30 I went down and asked Jared, and he was nice enough to spend the morning walking me around Hitachi and showing me where everything is. Hitachi is a really neat city. Just walking around and getting accustomed to where things are made me feel a thousand times better. I started to realize that I could do this and this will be my home for the next two years. We even went to McDonalds for lunch. Once we got there, Jared told me that he was going to make me order by myself. My eyes got wide and I was like, "I don't know what to say!" He explained that I just need to point and nod and pay. Thankfully McDonalds has a picture menu right next to all the cashiers. And guess what-- I was able to order all by myself! :) Jared is a good sensei because he knows when to push me and when to go easy on me. Good old McDonalds. Pretty much the same everywhere, except here they have fish McNuggets instead of chicken McNuggets. After McDonalds we went to Baskin Robbins and got ice cream. I tell you what, I am really stepping out of my comfort zone here. :) No no, I promise it really wasn't my idea to go to either one of those places. But they were nice!
Then we went to the office of the board of education. We saw Mr. Suzuki again and I met many of the other officers there. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my paperwork taken care of at the city hall. I am once again under health insurance-- yay! :) Tomorrow I'm going back to set up my bank account. I'm going to try to find my office again all by myself. That'll be interesting, I'm sure.
I came home and tried to memorize some hiragana (I'm getting better!), but zonked out at some point. I woke up to a knock at the door and it was Alina, seeing if I wanted to get some dinner with her. We went down to the 7-11, because they have such good food there! Really! I got some spaghetti with meat sauce, and it was great. I'm sure there are many more trips to 7-11 in my future. Now I'm going to study hiragana a little more then get some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

ODD! I JUST commented on how I'm surprised you didn't live near a McD's and then you talk about them and their fish McNuggets! You will need to try them soon and blog about it, that's an order! Also, if I remember correctly, the McD's in Thailand had a Samurai burger in place of my usual order (two cheeseburger meal) which consisted of a pork patty of some kind.