Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fair Warning...

Hear ye, hear ye, consider this fair warning for my politically motivated friends out there. Perhaps you have noticed the lack of any political statements on my blog, even though the election is approaching quickly. Well that is purposeful. I feel that, at least in my situation and circle of friends, politics is devisive and discussing it is like chasing after the wind. So this is my statement about my lack of statement on politics.
Here is the warning: any emails of political nature, especially those deliniating how one candidate is clearly from God and the other is a tool of Satan, will not be tolerated. This includes stupid petitions to your senator or representative or grandmother or whoever else you're sending them to. You have two strikes, then you are out. The first one I receive from you will be ignored and trashed, the second one will put you on my spam email list. Some of you already have one strike! I know this sounds harsh, but this is an area of great irritation for me.
Call me crazy, but it is my belief that God is not a democrat or republican. I also believe that neither dems or reps are seeking to do the will of God in all circumcstances, so it is equally crazy for Christians to tow party lines. I have seen more Christians reduced to hateful behavior and comments over political issues than any other. Suddenly people think that in the political arena it is okay to be judgemental and crass. That is ridiculous and embarrassing, and I won't stand for it taking up space in my email inbox.
Thus ends Ann's official statement regarding politically motivated emails. Have a nice day. :)


Gabe said...

Well I'll say it...I'm more a democrat than a republican. But I don't really like Kerry or Bush, Kerry does seem more intelligent though. :)


blakewell said...

Since I'm sure you lovingly thought of me when you wrote this I'll keep my mouth shut.

God may not be republican or democrat, but don't forget our lessons from Romans of His involvement in politics. :)

Anonymous said...

I was clicking around and found this:

I thought it fit this post nicely. PLUS! look at the address! Sojo!