Thursday, October 28, 2004

Two Months Today

Quick recap.
Monday morning I ran to Mito to get my visa adjusted so I can re-enter the country after my visit home for Christmas, which was mostly a beaurocratic inconvienence (and not cheap). That afternoon I received two great packages from home which absolutely made the world a better place. :) Thank you mom! I spent Monday evening cooking a Brazilian/Mexican dinner for my co-workers and then playing hostess all night. I thought Jared was going to have a coronary when he saw pinto beans. Not to brag, but those beans and rice tasted wonderful after two months of not having them! It was great fun, but boy was I worn out by the end of it.
Tuesday was a cold day. I spent most of my time at work shivering, and vowed to never go to work without more than one layer on ever again (until May at least). Then the Hitachi group all went out to a local club where several of our own were singing that night. I was so impressed at the talent that we have pooled here! The sense of community here is awesome. That was great, but made for another late night.
Wednesday. Once again my 3-8 class made my day by giving me little paper flowers they made. They now decorate my desk at school. Have I mentioned how much I love those kids? It's strange to not go to church on Wednesdays. Makes you feel a little pagan, a little lost, a little empty, but I suppose it's part of the package I accepted when deciding to work here. Thankfully, I got to have a good talk with a faithful friend here who I hadn't gotten to have a good talk with in a while. It's always good to compare notes and check up on each other.
Lately I've been thinking (already) about what to stock up on when I go back home for Christmas. One primary thing is music. Internet radio is okay, but there is some stuff that I want to listen to. I'm going to get Chris Rice's first album (the only one I don't have), some worship CDs, maybe a Beatles CD, and probably some of Caedmon's Call's stuff. Hmm, I'll probably get some classic Acappella, too. Their early stuff still moves me. Anyone else have any suggestions of quality CDs worth my investment? I especially need input for the worship stuff. I'm probably going to try to order them online while I'm here so they will be at home when I get there. Same goes for books, but they have to be really good books. Donald Miller ("Blue Like Jazz") just came out with a new book, so that is definitely on my list. Let me know your input. I respect the opinions of those who read my blog, because you obviously have great taste. ;)
Song of the moment: Wedding Dress by Derek Webb.


Josh said...

Derek Webb's new CD, I See Things Upside Down, comes out Nov. 9
Caedmon's Call has a new CD, Share the Well, that is a concept piece based off their trip to India.

Absolutely anything by Brian McLaren.
The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, by Mark Noll. Haven't read it yet (it's on its way) but it's basically about mainting the integrity of loving God and loving academics (and not forsaking one for the other).

Anonymous said...

You must definitely get Michael W. Smith's new CD titled Healing Rain. It is very powerful,especially the song Healing Rain. It makes me think about how God has healed me. Also if you don't have any CD's by the Newsboyz they are also great. As for books I'm reading a book right now titled,"Surprised by the Power of the Holy Spirit," written by Jack Deere. Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I think you need the upcoming CD "Church Classics as Performed by the Brazilian Kazoo Choir."
I would recommend a book, but I haven't had time to read anything outside of my exhilerating text books.
Anonymous B

crittermer said...

I second the recommendation for Michael W. Smith's "Healing Rain" song. That song absolutely blows me away everytime I hear it, and I just think it might be the best thing MWS has ever done.

I'm also extremely excited to hear the Brazilian Kazoo Choir is finally coming out with a release. Rumor has it that the album will entitled "He is Everything to Me."