Friday, October 08, 2004

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

The assignment in my 2nd grade (7th grade) select (elective) class this week was to write a card to Denver, the ALT who I replaced. I thought this would be a good warm up activity that perhaps might help them gain closure on the fact that Denver is gone and I am the new teacher. They were due today, and one girl left a card on my desk when I got into work this morning. Here is a selection from it:
Ann is prettier than Mrs. Kushida. But mum's the word, because there'll be hell to pay. :)

I swear that's a direct quote. I died laughing when I read it. First out of shock, then out of amusement, then out of "where on earth did she learn those phrases?!". Should I be flattered or frightened? :)
So there you go. There's a glimpse into the fun I have every day.

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