Saturday, September 24, 2005

Soundtrack of my Life

Soundtrack of my now former life, I suppose I should title this post. One of my friends said something that got me to thinking last week about how I should start cementing my Japan memories in my brain before they all fly out never to be retrieved. So one method I have chosen through which to do that is to make a soundtrack to my life in Japan. These are the songs I have so far (it will be at least a 2-disc album). By the way, I didn't spell check all these names and I really don't care.

Ann in Japan, Vol. 1 and beyond-
Bohemian Rhapsody-- Queen
White Flag-- Dido
Sand in my Shoes-- Dido
Grease Megamix-- Olivia Newton John and John Travolta
Elevation-- U2
Sgt. Pepper'’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-- Beatles
Yellow-- Coldplay
You and Me Song-- The Wannadies
Don'’t Know Why-- Norah Jones
Sunrise-- Norah Jones
Asereje-- Las Ketchup
Hey Ya-- Outkast
Rainy Days and Mondays-- The Carpenters
Sweet Home Alabama-- Lynard Skynard
Hands-- Jewel
Leavin'’ on a Jet Plane-- Peter, Paul and Mary
Take Me Home Country Roads-- John Denver
Stuck-- Stacie Orrico
Every Season-- Nichole Nordeman
Let it all Out-- Relient K
This is How we Overcome-- Zoe Group
A New Anointing-- Zoe Group

Today I listened to all these songs and was flooded with memories of people, places, parties, karaoke, and different emotions I felt while I was there. Some of my Japan peeps will probably recognize a couple of them (I doubt any would get all of them).

Clint Black says it well when he croons, "Funny how a melody can bring back a memory. It'll take you to another place and time; completely change your state of mind."

Do any of my Japan folks remember a song or two off this list? Am I forgetting one I should have on there?

Are there any songs that take you to another time and place when you hear them?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So that's what I look like!

Time for another post. Thanks to some of you for your comments on the last post. :)

Today was the first time since about June I've uploaded my camera pictures to my computer, so here's a mini-picture post.

Jake, Julie, and Bryan (with Sugao behind at the mic)

This is the Let's Start Talking team that came to Hitachi Taga church for June-July. When I was in college and I did campaigns to Brazil, I often wondered if the people at the hosting churches really liked us coming. Now I think I know how they felt. It was fantastic to have them there! They were fresh wind and energy and encouragement at a time when we all needed it. I wish I could have spent more time with them, but what time I did have with them was great. Thanks to Julie, Jake, and Bryan!

My dad with his cool ride

This is my dad's new truck. Getting a new truck is a big deal at our house. The last time it happened was 17 years ago (and we still have it and it runs great! goooo chevrolets!) I like this truck a lot. My dad put running boards on it so I can get into it easier. It's a biggun'.

Grungy Molly and Skinny Ann

This is a picture of my sister and me. My sister dressed up today for a psychology class experiement where she has to dress unlike herself, so here she's going grunge. I also just wanted an updated picture of me on the blog. I'm a skinny girl now. :)

I'm doing heaps better. My spirit is much better. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Stirring the Pot

Aha! A new blog! And there was much rejoicing!

Anyhoo. On to business. Most of you probably know that I hold views that some people would find controversial. Recently I have felt the stirring in me to go very public with one of these taboo viewpoints.


Texas is the best place in the world. Period.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Who am I?

Who Am I? by Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Who am I? They often tell me
I stepped from my cell’s confinement
Calmly, cheerfully, firmly,
Like a Squire from his country house.

Who am I? They often tell me
I used to speak to my warders
Freely and friendly and clearly,
As thought it were mine to command.

Who am I? They also tell me
I bore the days of misfortune
Equably, smilingly, proudly,
like one accustomed to win.

Am I then really that which other men tell of?
Or am I only what I myself know of myself?
Restless and longing and sick, like a bird in a cage,
Struggling for breath, as though hands were compressing my throat,
Yearning for colors, for flowers, for the voices of birds,
Thirsting for words of kindness, for neighborliness,
Tossing in expectations of great events,
Powerlessly trembling for friends at an infinite distance,
Weary and empty at praying, at thinking, at making,
Faint, and ready to say farewell to it all.

Who am I? This or the Other?
Am I one person today and tomorrow another?
Am I both at once? A hypocrite before others,
And before myself a contemptible woebegone weakling?
Or is something within me still like a beaten army
Fleeing in disorder from victory already achieved?

Who am I? They mock me, these lonely questions of mine.
Whoever I am, Thou knowest, O God, I am thine!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

To Target... and beyond!

To day was a small step for humanity, a giant leap for Ann-kind. I went to the store! (Target, to be exact) I bought some nail polish, a card, and da da da dum..... HARRY POTTER book #1! Some of my friends are probably cheering right now because they've wanted me to read this forever. It was pretty cheap in paperback, so I decided I might as well take the plunge. I'll let ya know how it goes.
Target was interesting, too, because I needed a wheelchair. Interesting social experiment, I guess. People for the most part just ignored me as they normally would, I think, except right before I left. As I was getting into the checkout line (my dad was pushing me), these 4 snotty high school girls (yes I just prejudged them) jumped in line in front of me. Very rude! But I doubt it was because of my wheelchair. Then as I was checking out and trying to work the debit card machine, the checkout lady kept talking to me and hovering over me like I was dumb. Which I'll admit maybe I am, but how did she know? Ah well, she was probably just trying to be super helpful, which she actually was.


This Katrina is awful. Unimaginable. Texarkana is becoming home and a pass-through station for many evacuees. My parent's church is doing a lot of collection and passing out to people who need the basics. My mom and sister worked up there several hours today and my mom heard several people's stories. So time for everyone to put up or shut up. Go do something. Give your money, work at a shelter... do something.
What gets me is that I don't think I'd "get" how big this was were I still living in Japan. This is huge.


My man Dellucci hit another homer tonight, but the other day I found out devastating news. He used to be a Yankee. :::tear::: My mom asked if the fact that he converted to Rangerism doesn't make up for it, but I'm not sure you can ever recover from that kind of deprivation.
(are you starting to grasp that I don't like the Yankees? :) ) By the way, he's from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is doing a lot to help out the victims down there. Good for him!


I have recently signed up on My Space to help reconnect with old friends. I am not sure of the quality or reputation of this service, so I decline to link to my page. But if you want to find me there, you can.


That's all for today's installment. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

PS-- Blake, I tried to make sure and spell check so you won't mock me in my comments.