Thursday, October 25, 2012

Avian bone syndrome

Let's start with gratuitous shots of my nephew. 

The kid has started smiling. My heart has melted.

Anyhoo, time has flown since I moved to Norman. Next week will be 6 months at my new job! Whaaaa?!

Lady Bird and I have gone many miles. Approximately 175 that I've tracked. That's just how many I've gone; I imagine LB goes about 50% more than me. We've had a lot of fun. She's gotten very dirty. You might know that we've had some setbacks. I broke my ankle in June- stress fracture. For those counting at home, this is my second stress fracture and third non-traumatic bone break.

Lady did not approve of my immobility. I did not remind her that this was indirectly her fault.

In my old age, I am a terrible patient. I hated being in that stupid cast and hated crutches more. But I tried to comply with "inactivity" and "rest" for about a month. It was lame. But now I have another bone to keep my eye on. 

A few weeks ago I had a coughing fit and think I cracked a rib. I am a delicate flower. 

Lady had a set back as well. I think (because I did not witness it, but based on evidence) that she got into a fight with a raccoon last week. She is fine, just some scratches and has had the vet's OK. Like I said, I didn't see it, but I imagine it went like this.

Another event in my life has been fostering two dogs this summer. 

Leo the miniature dachshund came from Second Chance Animal Sanctuary and was only with us a week until he was adopted. Such a sweet boy.

Dobie the lab/doberman mix was from the Oklahoma Humane Society. He was with us two weeks. It took Lady a while to warm up to him, but he was a big ol' sweetheart who loved everyone.

If you like animals, consider fostering. It's a nice short term way to help out, by both giving the shelter more space and helping socialize and train the animals.

*Note- I do not have Avian Bone Syndrome. That is not real. It is from an episode of 30 Rock. I don't have osteoporosis or any medical indication as to why my bones are weak. They just are.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My perfect nephew

Well, this is the most delinquent I've ever been blogging. I would apologize, but I doubt many people have been waiting with bated breath for my next update.


This is my perfect nephew, Wesley.

This kid has auntie wrapped around his finger.

Seriously, he's the coolest.