Thursday, June 17, 2010

Squeezing my mind grapes

People of earth. I have used this phrase several times in the past few weeks and people think I'm crazy. Please commit this to memory and introduce it into your every day usage.


From 30 Rock:

Jack: Jack Welch has such unparalleled management skills they named Welch's Grape Juice after him, because he squeezes the sweetest juice out of his workers’ mind grapes.

Liz: That doesn’t even make sense.

Jack: No, it doesn’t, does it. I wrote it down in the middle of the night.
Tracy (to writers): What else is on my mind grapes?
Tracy (to Kenneth): I got something on my mind grapes I need to talk to you about.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Illinois River

This weekend I went on a float trip to Talequah, Oklahoma on the Illinois River.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm with a group on overnight trips is being the first person to wake up. There are several reasons for this. One, I like getting ready without waiting in line. But in the great outdoors, I like it because the world is beautiful in the morning light!

The hours spent waking up early are rarely wasted. I couldn't believe no one else was out there to soak in what I got to see.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Goals and such

If you want to keep improving, you have to keep setting goals. So as summer is now upon us, I am setting some goals. I may be crazy, but I am motivated enough to want to stick with them to actually post them here in cyberspace.

Hundred pushups

Two hundred situps

Last night I did the initial test of both of these. I was surprised by the results of both- pleasantly by the push-ups and unpleasantly by the sit-ups. 25 push-ups and 34 sit-ups.

My goal is to complete both of these programs by the end of the summer. Seeing as how we're 12 days from the beginning of summer, it seems reasonable.

Wish me luck. Anyone else want to join in?