Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan Redux- the philosophy of flowers

Japan has obviously been on my mind a lot lately, as well as the collective psyche. I'm very thankful to say that I've now heard from all of my friends in Japan, and remarkably they are all ok. There are some places with severe structural damage, but they are ok. And of course now there is the issue of the nuclear reactors, which are located about a couple of hours from Hitachi.

Living in Japan deeply engrained in me the philosophy of living in season. This is the sakura- cherry blossom- time of year. Here in Oklahoma we don't have a lot of cherry blossoms, but we do have many plum, pear, and redbud trees.

In Japan, karaoke is big. One of my sweet, dear friends, Alina, would often sing a song called Sakura at karaoke. Lately I have missed her, my friends there, the memories, and the blossoms. This song says so much about Japanese philosophy and the truth about life and changing seasons.

Here's the thing about the season of blooms. It's beautiful, but fleeting. And it's only the beginning. The blooms are replaced by leaves, and that is when they come into their own.

Many people are difficult seasons right now. I hope we can all find hope through the world around us as it lives, changes, and shines beauty.


Surely we're waiting, for the day we can see you again.
On the street lined with cherry blossom trees
We'll wave our hands and yell out.

Whenever we suffer or start to lose heart
We feel we can hang in there because you're smiling.
We can hear the song from back then from in those hazy scenes.

Cherry blossoms now in full bloom scattered fleetingly
I know it's fate, farewell my friend.
when it's time to leave on your journey,
with that unchanging feeling.

I wonder if now we can say those words without pretense.
Words from the heart, Words to hope for your bright future.
It's as if the bustling city is rushing us.

Cherry blossoms just floating to the ground believing one day they'll be reborn
Don't cry my friend, It's a shame but it's time to go
With that unadorned smile

Cherry blossoms now flying in the air
Eternally rustling awash in light
Farewell my friend let's meet again here.
On the street scattered with cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom

Monday, March 21, 2011

March madness!

Spring has made me hyper-active and uber-domestic! I've gotten a lot done lately.

I put a desk together. If I had known how hard it was going to be, I don't think I would have done it. But for $25 at Goodwill, it was a great deal! But seriously, never again.

The handsome desk deserved cool decor. Candle holders + touch LED lights.

Then I felt it appropriate to re-cover the chair I was going to put with it. Huzzah!

I saw a blog that inspired me to try to make a new wall decoration on the cheap. Doilies, $4 at an estate sale. Window, $10 at Habitat for Humanity.

And of course the great outdoors! I love watching how plants change day to day in the spring.

I'm even trying some strawberries... we'll see how that goes.

Hooray spring! What have you gotten done?

Friday, March 11, 2011

My heart is in Japan

It would be wrong to say nothing about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on my blog. This blog was birthed out of my year in Japan. If you look back through August 2004- July 2005, you can see many of my great adventures. I'm so thankful I have them chronicled here to remember.

This morning, like most of Americans who go to bed before 11pm, I heard about the earthquake in Japan. It took me a while to realize that it was actually somewhat near where I lived, Hitachi, and that the resulting tsunami had to have hit my beautiful port city.

My heart has been heavy all day. I have heard from many friends in Japan confirming they are ok, but there are others who still haven't been able to make contact. I shudder at the thought that my school that I loved and where I taught was less than a quarter mile from the ocean. The only report I've heard about Hitachi is that they were hit with a 30 foot wave. It happened at about 3pm Japan time, so you can put together why this makes me so sick.

But I hope as daylight has arrived in Japan and news becomes more readily available, I'll receive continued confirmation that the people and places I love are safe and stable.

The Japanese are nothing if not resilient. I hope you'll join me in continued prayer for the nation.

Monday, March 07, 2011

New Green

It's amazing how quickly things can change. This has been driven home recently by three separate families at my work being stricken with sudden loss.

But at the same time, things can change quickly for the good. I swear that last week at this time the branches were still bare, but now blooms and leaves are poking their way through to face the last weeks of winter and usher us into spring.

Nature can be cruel, but we can take hope in that its always being reborn.


Also, Ms. Annaleise tagged me for a 4X4 survey!

1. Four places I go

*Lake Hefner
*Will Rogers Gardens

2. Four favorite smells

*Coffee in the morning
*Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works

3. Four favorite movies/TV shows

*30 Rock
*Big Bang Theory
*Pawn Stars

4. Four Recommendations

*Get out in the sun! It makes everything better.
*Floss daily.
*Give blood!
*Find a job you love. You spend most of your life there, after all.