Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A new chapter

I don't like negativity, because I think it can so easily snowball. That's why I half hate the fact that I keep poo-pooing 2013. Bad things happened. But what a shame to brush off the good things that happened. My nephew went from an infant to the most delightful and slightly monstrous child. I found out a new nephew is on the way. I added a naughty but sweet pup to our little wolf pack. I started a new and challenging job. I moved to a farm. :)

But I think it does help us to compartmentalize and think of chapters of life in hyperbole. Mostly because it reminds us and gives us hope that the difficult times will end. That the road will turn and the tides will shift. And those symbols are important for our psyche and for us to move forward.

This afternoon I sage smudged the house. Do I believe that the smoke from the herb literally purified the house? No. But I needed a visual, tangible ritual to mark the occasion of this new year. I walked through my house and prayed over every room and the facets of my life that they signify. And it felt right.

Life today isn't that much different than life yesterday. But I'm thinking of it as a new chapter to the novel of my life. The story picks up from where it left off on the page before, but it feels new and marks a difference.

And you know what I realized as I reflected today? The events I have viewed as failures over the past 12 months have also marked times that I took a chance. As of today I will strive to look back not at failures but as times I tried.

Here's to 2014 and the chance to renew ourselves day to day.

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Shyla said...

A new start is always exciting. Isn't it a blessing we get to start each day new in the grace and forgiveness of our Lord!