Friday, May 17, 2013

Green acres is the place for me

So we're two weeks into country life. The moving officially ended this weekend, for which I am extremely grateful. I am getting too old for this nonsense. My body might never forgive me.

I downsized about 400 sq feet from my old apartment to this place. It is a challenge, but has also given me the chance to downsize a lot of stuff. If I didn't have any sewing stuff, I'd have the perfect amount of storage space. D'oh.

The farm is amazing. My landlords are incredibly generous. All the fresh veggies and eggs I can handle. Fresh chicken, fresh pork, fresh goat milk.

The dogs are in hog heaven. There's always something for them to watch or play with or what not.

There are challenges. Bugs. Distance. Dirt.

But really... forget Manhattan, just gimmie that countryside. Today at least. :)

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