Friday, November 12, 2004

Amen, brother

About a month ago I read this entry on my friend's blog entitled "I hate Xanga." I really didn't know much about Xanga at the time, but I thought it was an amusing rant. Marc took a lot of flack through comments about his firm stance, so I soon realized that this must be a much bigger deal at OC than I realized. However, as amusing as it was, I quickly forgot about Xanga and didn't think about it much.
But then... tonight I was doing some link jumping around my friends blogs, and ran across the Oklahoma Christian University blog ring (I would link to it, but it's just too embarrassing). I was shocked and amazed by what I saw. It's enough to make an English major's blood curdle. It makes me feel as though my time as a writing tutor at OC was all for naught. Where were these people during the formative language years? What has the IM culture done to the writing skills of OC students?
I could go on and give examples of the horror I saw just in skimming of the webring, but it's too shameful to my alma mater as a whole. Until today I had been living in a bubble where I thought that the majority of blogs were tasteful and well written using grammar and punctuation that is acceptable. It turns out that I just happen to read blogs of high quality. :)
So to my friends who keep blogs that are worthy to be read, I say kudos! Keep up the good work! Fight the good fight against evils such as tacky templates and "e-props". Thanks to Marc for being unafraid to call people to repentance.

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