Thursday, November 04, 2004

Floss Daily... Don't Vote

The election hoopla brings back memories of another election in my recent history that caused quite a stir amongst my peer group. Yes, it's the infamous OCU SGA student body president election of 2003. Those who were involved in or witnessed this event are probably either moaning or snickering right now.

I'll save you from the gory details of the campaigning, but suffice it to say that both sides were perhaps a bit over-zealous. :) So two of my favorite college cohorts and I (who shall remain nameless, unless they so choose to out themselves) decided to lead our own campaign that year. We went to Walmart and bought the necessary materials-- paper and magic markers (which is all you really need for a campaign, right?)-- and worked long into the night making propoganda for our cause.

We made about 100 hand-made, unique signs each urging readers to not vote. Of course we weren't serious... one of our good buddies was actually in the running... but hey, we wanted to make sure all the options were represented. Some examples of our slogans were:
  • Save the whales, don't vote.
  • (Random Bible verse). Don't vote. (those were in the Bible building, of course)
  • Save a tree, don't vote.
  • Make love, don't vote.
  • All the cool kids aren't doing it, don't vote.

And my personal favorite: Floss daily, don't vote. (I'm a big time activist for the importance of daily flossing)

We thought it was terribly clever and funny. We scurried about under the cover of darkness the night before the election, taping up our signs anywhere we could. We had a great time laughing it up and acting like spies on the hide out from the ever-intimidating OC security.

However, apparently some people didn't find it so funny. By chapel the next morning most (but not all... muah ha ha!) of our signs were gone. But hey, it was fun while it lasted. And I'll bet you we didn't stop a single person from voting.

So there... I've come clean. I might have already confessed to Gabe, and I hope he has forgiven me. :) I don't know why I felt compelled to share this story... I guess I'm just waxing nostalgic about the good old days.

By the way-- do any either of my partners in crime remember any of the other signs?


Anonymous said...

Oh, there were many more:

"Sell your social security number for $5. Don't vote!"

"Save the dolphins. Don't vote!"

"Mi casa is su casa. Don't vote!"

"Your mom! Don't vote!"

And the great part was, we posted them all with that huge packaging tape.

--One of your infamous partners in crime

Anonymous said...

I never knew you were such the vandal, Ann. I am going to have to re-think a few things now.

Gabe said...

haha, that's funny Ann. I don't know if you ever confessed, but I knew you, and I believe Misty and possibly Rebekah did that.

Oh the past joys of campaigning, and the tedious, heart-wrentching weights for the results. I miss fondly, and at the same time, I'm glad they are over for now...who knows I may run for office again one of these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey! "Your Mom! Don't vote!" sounds like it was stolen from me!


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe--I plead the fifth--