Friday, November 12, 2004

A Day Ahead

This is my brief rant on the time difference.
15 hours is such a frustrating time difference. It means that the best time I can really talk to people is late at night for me and early in the morning for them. It makes talking on the phone difficult. And I can pretty much forget IMing people. There are the few and the proud who keep odd hours that I get to talk to (which make my day!), but generally I just get people's away messages.
I'm still in a phase where I think several times a day about what time it is at home and what people are probably doing at home. Like right now, it's 11:30pm here. That means for most of my readers it is 8:30am. I know that several of my friends and family are at work or in class. I imagine what they're doing, just for a sense of normality. It's so strange to know that I am finishing the day while you guys are just beginning it.
In an effort to keep a good attitude, I will admit that there is a perk. When I fly back home, I will arrive in OKC only "3 hours" after I leave Japan. Cool, huh?


jettybetty said...

So, it's about 1:30 on Friday afternoon here and you will be waking up to Saturday morning there in a couple hours--that is if you wake up at 6:30?
I will be trying very hard to get all my semi-colons correct, so as not to shame our alma matter ;). I must confess English was my worst subject though.
I got back from PR to find your blog about the HS--so I thought it would be a good time to confirm how I understood all that. I thought it would take me about 30 min or perhaps an hour. Well, after several hours I am still working on it--thanks for challenging me.

Anonymous said...

It does boggle my mind each and every time I talk to you online that if my day is ending, yours is starting or vice versa. Well, it doesn't totally boggle the mind because I am taking astronomy and know why it's like that, but you smell what I'm steppin' in, right?

Oh - and I hope my lj is considered tasteful and somewhat grammatically correct. I really try. I think I am one of the few people that try to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation on AIM. I think we're an endangered species.

Welp, it's time for bed -- I imagine if I stay awake long enough, you'll get back online since it's about 5:30ish over there. I'm surprised you're not online right now!

The few and the proud,