Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fun with my name

Sometimes you get a little paranoid when you're in a foreign country. It is easy to think that people are talking about you when you have no idea what they're talking about. Well my name lends itself to me thinking that people are talking about me.
The first few days I arrived, I noticed that people around me were always saying, "Ano blah blah blah ano blah blah blah", so I thought they were always saying my name. Well it turns out that "ano" is the word for "um" here. So of course they said it all the time. Think about how many times we say "um". So I got over that paranoia.
Then recently I have been noticing that I hear my full name, Ann Marie, a lot. Except it is the Japanese version, which sounds like "anm mari". Since my paranoia is not as strong now as it was when I first arrived, I didn't immediately think they were talking about me, but I did wonder what "anm mari" meant. Tonight I finally asked, and I found out that it means "not really." So that means my name sounds like "Not Really" White. :) I wonder if any Japanese people ever noticed that...

After talking to some more people today, I found out that "anm mari" also means "too much." (yes I know, it can mean too much or not really... welcome to the confusing world of Japanese). So I am perhaps "too white." That would make more sense, huh? :)
In other news, one month from right now I will be on a plane somewhere between here and OKC. :) Yatta!

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Anonymous said...

WEIRD! I hear my mom and her friends say "ano" a lot! I wonder if it's an Asian thing!

And it's weird that you're Not Really White because you are pretty dadgum white. :-)

YATTA for the States!