Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Day makers

Album of the day: Chris Rice's Short Term Memories

Song of the day: Chris Rice's Smile

Poem of the day: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Email of the day: Questions from my aunt's elementary school class asking me about life in Japan

Website of the day: Memorial Road Church of Christ for putting their sermons online (I just listened to a great one by Shawn Fowler on Gideon)

Students of the day: Ayaka for coming in 4th place in the area speech contest and Hiroshi for just chatting with me after school

Food of the day: The apple slice that came with lunch (may seem simple to you, but remember that apples cost about $3 or $4 here!)

Phone call of the day: Getting to talk to my dear Joyce for about half an hour

The past several days have been really great. I taught at an elementary school (which is always adorable), got to see several friends at a speech contest (in which my student came in 4th!), got to hang out with a great friend yesterday, watched a really good movie last night... and the sun has been shining for several days now. Thank God for all of the above.


crittermer said...

My day-maker: Reading Ann's blog and learning about some of her blessings.=) Happy Thursday, Ann (even though it's already half-way over for you!)

Josh said...

Ann, you can download a song (legally) from Derek Webb's new CD. Go here to get it.