Monday, November 08, 2004

Goodbyes and Bunko-sais

Saturday afternoon was my school's bunko sai. I really don't know how to spell that, so feel free to educate me if you do know. A bunko sai is translated a "culture festival," but honestly I don't think that is quite the appropriate name, because it makes you think it will be a festival about culture. :) It was more like a time to perform various skits prepared by the school. To be fair, I suppose there was a bit of culture. One girl gave a presentation about a trip she took to New Zealand, and some of my students gave a small speech about Halloween. I got to dress up like a spider. :) Regretably, there are no pictures of me in my get up. Shucks. The rest of the day was spent listening to the winners of our school choral contest and various strange, silly skits. Lots of dancing and boys dressing up like girls. Wakarimasen....

Choral contest winners performing

Then Saturday night our little Hitachi crew had a going-away party for one of our own, Norma. Tomorrow morning she will fly back home to Canada. We live in an ever-changing world here in Japan. Most of our group is on one or two year contracts which begin and end throughout the year, so we always have people coming and going. Norma is the first person to leave who I really got to know, and I will miss her. But such is the life here in Japan, I think. I know I say this a lot, but it is appropriate often: "If you don't like saying goodbyes, you are in the wrong business." --TB. Ain't that the truth.


Dan Lovejoy said...

Ahh, bunka-sai, I think. (文化さい)

Bunko is that weird dice game the women 'round here play in giant gaggles. I miss Japan! Especially in the fall.

Dan Lovejoy said...

Ok - maybe "sai" should be written like this:祭

so it's : 文化祭

But I'm not really sure..