Sunday, November 14, 2004

Trip to Fukushima

Even though it's just been two days since I wrote, I already feel like I have a lot to catch up on.
Yesterday morning I made the executive decision to skip Japanese class and sleep in. I woke up at 10:30am to a beautiful day outside, and decided to go enjoy it. So I hopped on my bike and headed down to the civic center where there's always something going on. About half way there I had an accident. For you who may not have much experience in riding a bicycle in a society like this, it's a scary deal. There ain't much protecting you from anything else once you're out of control. So down I went, landing square on the heel of my right hand. Long story short, I spent yesterday wondering if my hand was broken. However, today it is feeling better, although it is turning a nasty blue and remains swollen and tender to the touch. Pretty much everyone who bikes here has a war story like this one. So beware of the full-contact bike riding of Japan! :)
Other than the bike spill, yesterday was positively gorgeous. I am so glad I skipped Japanese and just hung out outside. Yesterday was also the monthly night bazaar in Hitachi, which is kind of like a flea market. It is cool to browse the booths to see the different foods and things they're selling.
Today was exciting. I was invited on a teacher's trip to the neighboring prefecture of Fukushima. I thought it was important for me to go and build those relationships. Apparently the ALT two back from me was not liked at all by the teachers and was never invited to everything. Luckily for me, Denver broke through the social barrier and I am following through on that path. About 15 other teachers and I left early this morning and took a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains covered in leaves changing color. We ate soba (buckwheat noodles) in an enkai type lunch then went to a really nice onsen (public bath/hot spring). It is amazing how much more the other teachers will open up to me once we're off of school turf (and they've got some liquor in them... :) ). So overall today was a very good experience and I'm glad I went. Who knows what will come from these relationships that God has put in my life. I just hope I can be a reflection of God to my friends here.
Song of the Moment: Caedmon's Call's Faith My Eyes. I feel myself relating to this song very well...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ann, I had a bike wreck this week too! I borrowed a friend's bike so I could get my student ID from the apartment and get to chapel on time. I hadn't ridden one in several years, and it wasn't like the one I was used to. So as I was coming up to cross the road, I figured out the brakes were on the handles and I squeezed a little too hard. It was so funny! I wasn't really hurt, but my left palm of my hand felt it. What was funnier was I woke up sore the next morning! I decided maybe I was too old for bikes anyway. --Cherry