Friday, November 19, 2004

Special Student- Asami

There's one student has particularly captured my heart and encouraged me.
Her name is Asami, and she is in my 3-8 class. 3-8 is compromised mostly of students with learning disabilities, but Asami is in the class because she is "emotionally disturbed." Which she is. She sits hunched over staring at her desk and never looking up. She even walks through the halls like this. She rarely radiates any emotion besides apathy. If she lived in the states I am fairly confident she would be on medication, which I believe she probably needs. But that's not the way the game is played in Japan, I am afraid. Instead, despite her intelligence, she is placed in a class where she will merely play games and be kept busy. But as I said earlier, Asami encourages me. Whenever I'm around I always make it a point to specifically praise or encourage her, because she really is a bright girl. Lately when she knows I'm near she looks up and gives me a sweet smile and says a few words to me. I pray especially for Asami, and I ask you to, too. I am worried about her future... I am frustrated because of my helplessness. What can I do to make an impact on this girl's life, besides maybe giving her a few memories of good time with English classes? Of course I know it's not up to me; God is in control and is holding the life of this precious girl in her hands. So please join me and pray for Asami. I wish I could think of something wise and eloquent to pray for her, but I am at a loss. Please just pray.
I suppose this is a common struggle teachers face. They encounter so many students who are facing who knows what kinds of issues. I think it would be overwhelming if teachers didn't trust in a higher power to take care of these little souls.


Meghan said...

That is such an encouragement, Ann. The world is so in need of wise teachers and I can see that you are one of them! And I don't thinik you have even had any college hours in education, so you are proof that those are not really needed! Oh, the worthless things we can pay all that tuition for!

By the way, I was just Gregorio Gillham still in Japan? Does he know who you are now or does he still think you're from Freed Hardeman??

God's Richest Blessings!
meghan martin =0)

The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess said...

Hi Ann in Japan!

We haven't met, but we have a mutual friend in my Auntie M (a.k.a. Meredith Martin)! She recommended that I check out your blog and so I have! She's pretty awesome, My Auntie M! =)

I'm so glad that there are other people in the world that try to work with children that seem different than the rest. I worked in a special education class in high school and, to be honest, they're really not that different at all. We just have to use a different approach and sometimes a little more encouragement. It seems to me that you've already done that and you're making a difference in Asami's life. Kudos on the mighty excelente work that you're accomplishing!

Sorry that I am a random person just visiting your blog, but it turned out to be extremely beneficial for me! Keep it up with the faith!


Anonymous said...

It may be hard to think about, but often God doesn't seem to protect people like Asami in this life. I have a friend who just wrote a paper about child abuse, and some of the stories she related are truly horrific. Life is a living hell for countless people, and God doesn't seem too concerned about improving their lot. Its the next life that seems to be the real one- this one is so surreal.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a photo of Asami?