Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hush Puppy and Hush Money

Two random bits of Japan life for you today.
Everyday when I leave school I walk by a house where a racist dog lives. Without fail, when I walk by he will go insane barking at me and continue to bark at me as long as I am in his line of sight (and a little more for good measure!). I see tons of Japanese students walking by him and he never stirs. Oh, it's hard to be the target of prejudice. :)
Also, yesterday as I sat in the office, the secretary came up and gave me an envelope of about $50. I questioned what it was for, and she informed me that every year the local nuclear power plant gives an allotment of money to all of the local residents. It was very nice to get the money, but it is also somewhat discomforting. :)

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