Sunday, November 21, 2004

Culture Fair and Thanksgiving #1

What a busy couple of days. Saturday was the Hitachi City International Culture Fair. The city ALTs were responsible for putting together a day's worth of activities covering the topic of Christmas. We played games and made cards and sang songs. Oh yes, and we were costumed. I happened to be the cutest little snow chick you've ever seen. :) To see more pictures of us in our cool costumes and cute Japanese kids click here.

Hitachi-shi ALTs-- Alina the Elf, Ian as Santa, Jared the Wiseman, and Snow-Ann

A couple of hours after that shindig wrapped up, I went to the first of three Thanksgiving dinners I will be going to this year (so no worries for those of you who thought I was going to sit at home all sad for the holiday). This one was at Taga church, and it was a blast-- click here for pictures. It was a church/LKT wide potluck and there was a lot of good food, including the majority of the good old American Thanksgiving staples. I had yummy smoked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. Of course it wasn't totally Americanized... I have never eaten a Thanksgiving dinner with chopsticks in America. :) I will definitely miss being with my family next week, but I am also thankful for my newfound family here. On Thursday our little Hitachi English teaching crew is going to have a feast, then on Saturday the Mito church is having their dinner. So I will be very well fed this week. :)

Taga Church Thanksgiving-- Heather, Ann, Roxanna, Jennifer (we're all single, boys!)

Song of the moment: Reputation by Derek Webb
Book of the moment: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller (again)
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Gabe said...

I just bought my sister Blue Like Jazz for her birthday. And to believe that Pete called teh book trendy and shallow!

crittermer said...

I love the Snowman Ann costume! It's almost as good as the RuthAnn costume from last Halloween (which I still have saved to my computer..muhahaha!) By the way, could you see out of that thing?