Sunday, November 14, 2004

Good Christians Don't...

Today I got to thinking about the things that our society says that "good Christians" don't do.

Good Christians don't:

  • drink
  • smoke
  • cuss
  • skip church

Why doesn't our list look something like this? Good Christians don't:

  • gossip
  • pass judgment
  • hate
  • hold prejudices

I suppose that we all think that good Christians shouldn't do the things on the second list, but it seems to me that the things on the first list are mandatory; you don't do those things- under any circumstance. But the items on the second list seem excusable, especially if you do them in the name of "religion". Why is that? I don't know. Seems to me it should be quite the opposite.


friend said...

You are right...absolutely.

Josh said...

Because our "rules" have been formed by culture, not the Bible. Cussing, smoking, drinking, etc. are - as a whole - still frowned upon (though not at all as much as they used to be). But to gossip, pass judgment, and show prejudice - well, that's just how a person has to act to make it in this world, you know!! :)

We're not concerned about being radically different from the world. Instead, we've found "pet sins" for which to condemn folks, and let many others slide by. I could write pages on this :)

crittermer said...

(Insert sarcasm here) But I liked passing judgment, holding prejudices, and gossiping!

Napkin Artist said...

I think that Christianity falls into a dangerous category anytime it starts to see itself as a system of rules rather than as a way of being in the world based on the movement of God in our lives. Morality and order are mere bi-products of Christianity, but not its focus. God is looking to bring novelty an intensity to the world as a goal, and I believe the divine is less concerned with morality. It is no wonder that Christianity lacks power in the world when it is mistaken for a system of beliefs or rules rather than a living path that requires we pay attention to the movement of God.